8 Things to Do When You Retire

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Make a Bucket List


Maybe you've always wanted to go on a cruise around the world, see all the national parks, or learn to play the guitar.

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 Focus on Well-being


Staying busy can help you sleep better, keep your weight in a healthy range, and lower your risk of getting sick. Look for lessons at a gym or on the internet.

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Get Financially Savvy


If one spouse has controlled the budget for decades, spend time going over finances so both parties know how to pay bills, find paperwork, and access accounts.

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Establish a Routine


Now that you don't have to go to work, it can be helpful to set up a new routine, like a time to go to bed, eat, and do things.

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Care for a Pet


If you've always loved animals, you might want to visit an animal rescue near you. You could get a cat or dog to be with you.

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Stay Social


Even though retirement might seem peaceful, it can also make people feel lonely and alone. Find ways to keep in touch with people on a daily basis. 

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Explore the World


When you retire, it can be fun to go to a new place and see what it's like. Some retired people take a vacation or travel around Europe for a few months.

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Take on a New Hobby


People who want to get better at art have a lot of options, from drawing to ceramics to sculpture.

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Think About Relocating


If you want to be around other retirees, you might want to move to a neighborhood for older people. During the winter, people who live in northern states might feel like they want to go south.

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Work Part Time


If you need more money, there are many ways to get it. Look for part-time jobs you can do from home if you want to stay at home and set your own hours.

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