5 Waterfalls in Kansas for Beginner Hikers

1. Geary Falls

Geary Falls is in Junction City. The falls are made when the water in Geary State Fishing Lake spills and pours down from a 35-foot height.

2. Cedar Lake Waterfall

This waterfall, which is sometimes called "Cedar Lake Falls," is made when water from the Cedar Lake Dam spills over a natural limestone caprock feature.

4. Indian Creek Falls

You don't have to hike to get here, and there's nothing else to see but the falls, but if you've been wanting nature, Indian Creek Waterfall is a great place to go.

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5. Elk Falls

The town of Elk Falls, Kansas is about 35 miles northwest of the city of Independence, Kansas. It is called "The Falls" by the locals because it has been a popular visitor destination for decades.

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Most of the time, Kansas isn't the first state that comes to mind when you think of waterfalls.

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Surprisingly, Kansas has more than 100 waterfalls, and many of them don't take any special skills to get to.

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If you've already seen the farming side of Kansas, every Wizard of Oz stop you could find, and a day tour of Wichita and are still looking for something cool to do, get your feet dirty on a nature trail to these five underrated Kansas waterfalls.

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