6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active in the Winter

Having a dog can be fun in a lot of ways, but taking it outside in the winter isn't always one of them.

Some breeds, like Huskies, Malamutes, and Great Pyranees, are happy to play in arctic weather, but many would rather stay at home and wait for spring.

There are a lot of things you can do this winter to keep your dog busy without letting anyone freeze their paws off. 

Have the Right Gear

If your dog has trouble walking in the winter, it might be because they don't have the right gear for the weather. "Coats and boots aren't just for people!. "A warm coat can do a lot for dogs that get cold easily."


Play Inside

Depending on how much room you have, there are many mental and physical ways to keep your dog busy inside. Try hiding your dog's favorite treat or toy as a game of "hide and seek," or pull out a rope for a round of "tug of war" that stays close to home.


Plan a Pup-Date

Indoor playdates are a great way to socialize your dog during the winter, as long as they don't mind other dogs being in their space. 


Engage Their Minds

Dogs need to be mentally stimulated as well as physically. Working on a new trick with your dog can be fun for both of you, and there are a lot of them to keep you busy all winter. 


Keep Them Occupied

Any parent will tell you that keeping a child busy all day can be hard. To get them to play by themselves, put treats on a kong, snuffle mat, or lick pad and let them have at it.


Try Doggy Day Care

Depending on how your dog acts and how much money you have, doggy daycare can be a great way to socialize your dog during the winter or just when you're busy.


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