7 Trendy Summer Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

1. The ‘C’ Cut

The "C" cut, which is short for "curved cut," is without a question the hottest haircut style this summer. The focus of this cut, which is meant to make the hair look bigger, is on layers that frame the face.

2. The Butterfly Cut

Since the beginning of 2023, the butterfly cut has been popular, and it's not going away this summer. This popular TikTok haircut is all about layers that are full and fluffy.

3. The Bixie Cut

A bixie cut. This current version of the two cuts has a very short, piecey, pixie look. There is a lot of texture and shag in the bixie, which makes it less sharp than the standard pixie.

4. The Box Bob

The straight cut of the box bob is meant to give the impression that the hair is fuller than it is. No matter how thin your hair is, this straight cut makes it look like it is thicker from every angle.

5. The Shaggy Lob

You just finished a day at the pool. You jump in the shower to wash the sunblock off your body and the salt out of your hair. Your skin is still warm. 

6. The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is not the same as the box bob. It is much shorter and harder than the box bob. (Think of Hailey Bieber's Internet-breaking bob from the start of the year, but even shorter.)

7. Internal Layers

There will be absolutely no shortage of layers this summer, thanks to internal layers. This specific kind of cut differs from traditional layers since these layers are placed inside the hair as opposed to externally.

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