9 Dog Breeds That Are Not for First-Time Owners. Don't Get Them!


Huskies are too loud and hard to take care of for me, but they are so cute! My mom had a dog with us on our farm in Florida. He loved it there. 

English Bulldog

"When a family member died, I got an English bulldog as a gift. We loved each other a lot, and he was a good, sweet boy, but my god.


"I now have a pug. Since I was a kid, I've always wanted one. She is a great dog, but I feel so bad for her because she can't even breathe. Can't stay out in the heat for a long time.


“The only downside to a Bernese mountain dog is the life span. Otherwise, they are chill family dogs”


“Shelties. They're cute, but I can't stand how much they want to group things. My MIL had two, and they would try to get me to go where they wanted by biting my legs.


"Akitas because they are one-person dogs, and if you aren't that person, they won't pay any attention to you."


Shiba. I ended up with a Shiba that is very friendly and likes to be around people. She will go home with anyone who likes her.

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