The Reason Why Attractive People Are Often Single

Crushes A Lot

Let's just get this one over with. If a lot of people think you're pretty, your phone might be full of numbers, based on whether you have a moral compass or not.

More Money

Whether you're a man or a woman, this is something you can understand. Paying for your partner when you go out to eat, renting from Redbox, going to the movies, and other things can all add up.

Focused On A Hobby

A hobby can sometimes get the best of you in more than one way, including taking up your time. Most of the time, it's not personal, but a hobby comes before a relationship.

Past Relationship Damage

It's a real pain to have things from past relationships. You put yourself and a possible partner at risk of more damage until you get over it. 

Nothing To Worry About

You don't have to worry about your partner sleeping with other people when you're single. People may only want you because of how you look, which makes you replaceable. No one in a friendship should have to worry.

Recent Breakup

There's a good chance that someone who looks good can date as many people as they want. That means it's still possible that they just got out of one.

Focused On A Career

Focusing on your job can be both a good and a bad fight. If you're dedicated, it's also very tiring and takes a lot of time. This doesn't leave much or any time for a partner.

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