9 Lakes With the Bluest Water in the World

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Towering mountains, alpine valleys, and turquoise water so perfect it looks dyed — these are among the many draws of Lake Pukaki.


Lake Malawi, Malawi

Most of these animals are cichlids, and they live in clear blue water. Lake Malawi is meromictic, which means that its layers of water don't mix. This means that the silt stays on the bottom and the clear, blue water at the top shines in all different shades.


Crater Lake, Oregon

America's deepest lake is perhaps its most beautiful. With a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is so amazing that it is the only national park in Oregon.


Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia is deeper than Crater Lake at almost 5,300 feet. Superlatives abound in this magnificent lake: It has 27 islands, 1,500 species, including the world's only freshwater seal, the nerpa.


Lake Tahoe, California

Many lakes look blue because the water is clear, but Lake Tahoe looks like a jewel because of the algae in the water. The amount of sediment in the water determines how clear it is, and the amount of algae determines what color it is. 


Lake McKenzie, Australia

Great Sandy National Park's Lake McKenzie in Queensland is a popular place to swim in the summer. It's also home to a lot of firsts, starting with its pure silica sand.


Torch Lake, Michigan

The largest lake in Michigan is also one of its most beautiful. People come to the 19-mile-long Torch Lake for its famous jewel-colored water and sandbars that are perfect for lounging. 


Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake is already one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Canada. It is surrounded by striped hills and green pines. When you add the blue water that is as still as a mirror, this Banff National Park getaway is almost too good to be true.


Gokyo Lakes, Nepal

In the Everest area, peaks aren't the only things that will make you gasp. Six emerald-colored lakes make up the Gokyo Lakes, which are near the sawtooth peaks of the Himalayas. This high-altitude scene makes people feel awestruck.


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