Adventurous Cat Travels 70 Miles After Jumping in Two Cars

On Sunday afternoon, a ginger tabby cat called Sox got into a car and went from Herne Bay in Kent to Whitstable. Sox's owner tried to take him to the vet after she found him in her car, but the cat got away — again.

Sox's owner, Jessica Roe, told the news source that she is used to him getting into trouble and that she often picks him up from places like a nightclub.

Jacqui O'Connor, on the other hand, didn't notice that Sox was in her car until she was already driving home from Whitstable to London.

"We were driving down the highway, talking and singing like you do on the way home, when suddenly this head popped up between the two seats

Roe told the outlet that she has had to pick up Sox from schools, businesses, a swimming pool, an Amazon delivery truck, and even a kebab shop.

She joked, "My boys are 6 and 8, and he's helped me get ready for when they're older and want to be picked up."

Roe said she made a Facebook page to keep track of Sox's whereabouts because she had seen her cat pop up eight times in two weeks on a local Facebook page.

Sox was finally able to get back home Tuesday night because someone who follows the page saw him on their way back from Stonehenge and offered to drive him home.

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