The Best Advice for Anyone Who Lives Alone

Keep The Keys in The Lock

If your front door has a lock on the inside, leave your keys in it. This way, you'll always look at them before you leave the house, and you'll never lock yourself out by accident.

When you're sick and live alone, it's harder to get someone to run to the store for you. If you get sick and can't go out, it's a good idea to have a supply of the most usual things.

Stock up the medicine cabinet

Having some general emergency supplies is another way to give yourself a sense of protection and independence. 

Keep the pantry in full

Learn how to use a fire extinguisher by getting one. Even if you already have a fire extinguisher in your home, you may not have thought about how to use it.

Fire extinguisher

The spider slayer

If you can't stand dealing with bugs and spiders, get a vacuum that you can stretch out. You don't have to get too close to fix the problem with a long vacuum cleaner.

Get yourself a few household basics that are likely to come in handy.

Get the Practical Basics

If you're trying to zip up the back of a dress by yourself and totally failing, there's a simple trick you can use.

The ultimate trick for dressing alone

Feeling safe

It can be a little scary to live alone for the first time. Some people will start to think about all the "what if" possibilities and become very scared.